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Become a paid blogger for Sanctuary Spa!

proEnter our competition to become Sanctuary Spa's new resident blogger, and earn over £1000!

Sanctuary Spa are looking for a new lifestyle blogger and, knowing what a talented bunch Mumsnet Bloggers are, they're after one of you lot.

They need a brilliant writer to submit one post a month to be published on their rather beautiful Sanctuary Spa blog, which covers everything from beauty to wellbeing via upcycling, recipes and musings on family life.

It's not about pushing Sanctuary Spa's products (lovely as they are); rather, the aim is to provide content which will engage and interest readers, offering beauty advice and ideas for a healthier, happier life.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, it's a fantastic opportunity to get paid for doing what you love: the winner will receive £100 per blog post, and will be expected to produce a monthly post for 12 months.


So, how do you go about winning? It's simple - just write a post on one of the following topics:

· Films, books or entertainment
· Cooking
· Crafts
· Fashion 
· Health and fitness

Your entries should be a minimum of 200 words, but if your style suits less, that's fine, too.

Once you've honed your piece, post it on the linky below, and all of them will be considered by the team at Sanctuary Spa. They'll pick the blogger they reckon is best suited to the role, and we'll announce the lucky winner through Twitter and our weekly newsletter.

So, what are you waiting for? Post your entry on the linky below now:

Last updated: 19-Feb-2015 at 2:55 PM