Become a paid blogger for Sanctuary Spa!

Join our competition to become Sanctuary Spa's new resident blogger - and earn over £1,000.

sanctuaryThe lovely people at Sanctuary Spa are looking for a new blogger - and they're after one of you lot!

The brief would be to write a lifestyle post each month for a year. They could be seasonal (so, a holiday post in August, or a Halloween post in October), or just detailing the joys, japes and travails of family life. 

It's not about pushing Sanctuary Spa's products (lovely as they are); rather, the aim is to provide content which will engage readers - and perhaps bring in some new ones too!

*And* the lucky winner will be paid more than £1,000 over the year! Definitely not to be sniffed at.

sanctuary spaSo, we hear you cry, what do you have to do to go about winning? It's simple - just show off your best writing in a post that fulfils their brief, and post it on the linky below. It should be the kind of thing you'd write if you won - something relevant to this month, and your latest family experiences. 

We'll keep the linky open until midnight on Friday 21 March, so you've got 2 weeks to craft 'em! Sanctuary Spa will then pick the blogger they reckon is best suited to the role, then we'll announce the lucky winner through Twitter, this page and our weekly newsletter.


So, what are you waiting for - post your entry on the linky below now!


Last updated: 10-Mar-2014 at 1:35 PM