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back to school

As the faint sound of the school bell rings in the distance, it's time to wave goodbye to the long drizzly days of summer, and say hello to the new term - with all its promises of endless admin, yoghurt-stained uniform and squashed bananas in bookbags. 

There's been a host of cracking back to school posts on the network of late, so we thought we'd gather them together. Whether you're waving your little'un off to Reception for the first time, or prepping your teenager for college, we'd love to hear all your back to school tales.

Perhaps you're nervous about how your DC will cope with the transition to big school, have some great lunch box ideas, or are simply fed up of sewing name labels in - whatever it is, share your tips, worries, gripes and groans on the linky below, and have a peruse of the other posts to know you're not alone.

Now where did I put that PE kit?

Last updated: 03-Sep-2015 at 6:58 PM