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Welcome to the Bloggers' Network, Mumsnet's hub for the most compelling writing on parenting, politics - and all the juice in between.

Mumsnet bloggers networkOur aim is to bring the sharpest writers from across the blogosphere to a new audience - and we're always looking for new recruits.  If you have a blog - or are thinking of starting one - we'd love to hear from you. Whether you write about family life or feminism, campaigning or cooking, or all four - join us. No need to be a parent - we're interested in a broad range of voices and opinions.  

And if you're not yet ready to make the leap to blogging, but want to read some powerful new writing, don't forget to follow @MumsnetBloggers for a daily dose of top notch posts. 

So... how does this thing work? 

Whenever a network member posts on their blog, a link appears in the live feed on our front page.  

Every day, the blogger's editorial team pick a clutch of topical, funny, thought-provoking or just beautifully-written posts to promote via our front-page.  We also choose a 'Blog of the Day', which is promoted across the Mumsnet talk forums - and another batch of posts to give a push to via Twitter and Facebook.

We're always on the look out for bloggers to feature in our newsletter and on our pages - and we sometimes commission guest posts too.  We host regular topic-specific roundups and invite you to add your own posts - including our monthly 'Plug Your Post' linky, where you can spread the word about the posts you're proud of.

So whether you're a writer, a reader, or both - there's lots on offer for everyone.

So that's...

• Promotion on the UK's busiest parenting community of 4 million monthly unique visitors. 

social media talk• Promotion across social media - to our followers on TwitterFacebook, and Pinterest.

... and? 

• A lively Talk forum with a variety of topics areas, to help you keep in touch and share tips with other bloggers.

• Advice on how to improve your blog through tips and blogger-led guides on everything from using images and links, to building your audience and making money.

• Our yearly BlogFest which celebrates sharp writing and big ideas - with inspiring panel discussions, practical sessions and one-to-one advice.

• The chance to be involved in product reviews for bloggers


What else should I know?

blog readersWe love blogs on anything and everything that might be of interest to our audience.

We look for blogs which

We link out to individual posts from our bloggesr, both on our site and via social media. It's pretty simple, really: bloggers get the traffic, and retain full ownership of their work - and it goes without saying that you remain free to write about whatever they choose on their blogs. 

If you're new to the fun, do check out our handy guide to all things blog

Badging up, and widgeting around... 

We ask all members to carry either a Mumsnet Bloggers Network reviews widget, or an MBN badge. We're really proud of our bloggers and we want to spread the word! 

Which one you choose will depend on your personal preference - but we're keen to give the widget as much exposure as possible, since it both supports the network commercially, and drives traffic to you all. You don't have to display the widget to join us (but it could be the deciding factor when we've got two great posts to choose from, but space to promote only one of them...). 

MBN Research Panel

If you carry the MBN reviews widget, you'll get the opportunity to review products and events through our Research Panel. We're serious about the integrity of our reviews: you're a forthright bunch - and that's just how we like it. There's never any pressure to be positive, because we know that readers will soon lose interest in reviews which are anything less than frank and honest.  

MBN Product Review Widget

latest posts widget              Book of Spells reviews widget

The widget displays Mumsnet bloggers' reviews and links back to their blogs - so when your review appears on the widget, people can click on it to visit your blog. When the panel isn't displaying reviews, the widget shows a list of the most recent posts from our network. So we hope the widget will also link up Mumsnet bloggers, amplify your voices and give you all a little bit more traffic.

It's designed to fit on all major blog platforms, and has enough space to promote several great posts.


Drop us a line! 

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us at bloggers@mumsnet.com with any thoughts, queries or quibbles about our network. For advertising inquiries, please email sales@mumsnet.com. And happy blogging! 



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