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Walaa Idris

Sorry Don Hodges, but you're wrong

from Walaa Idris

Twitter: @WalaaIdris

A blog by a decided optimist who believes life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain.


All About Summer Shoes For Toddlers

from wellbeingkid

A blog for new parents


Top 100 Amazon book review

from Words, Wits and Workouts

One Dad's honest and humorous portrayal of parenthood, inter-mingled with his other passions for Climbing and Writing

Whinge Whinge Wine

Parenting mistakes I've made this holiday

from Whinge Whinge Wine

Twitter: @whingewine

Another mum blog, written by the tired mummy of two small people. Powered by tea, New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, and biscuits eaten in secret.

What Fred Read

Gangsta Grandma- Guest Post

from What Fred Read

Twitter: @WhatFredRead

Reviews and recommendations of books for young children from a children's literature fan and mum of four.


School's out for summer!

from Wild Hearts

Essentially a blog about home education, but also about wider educational themes including supporting children with learning differences.


Call for True Stories: If These Walls Could Talk: Lancaster Edition

from Words Move Me

Twitter: @YBattleFelton

Reflections on raising a family, writing, and being me--a 42 year old, single mom who moved her family to the UK to pursue a PhD.


Family on the Fly

from Weaving In and Out

Twitter: @jennie0019

A blog about life with a husband and kids,being an expat from the US living in Switzerland, and telling stories.


What to put in a non-chocolate Easter basket for a three year old?

from Wave to Mummy

Twitter: @wavetomummy

The London life of a career mum and stay-at-home dad + daughter born in June 2013.


Win a $25 Amazon Gift Card!

from Where the Butterflies Go

Author. Poet and novelist. Themes are always surrounding parenthood. Also visit