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Go With The Flow – Our Relaxed Approach To Toilet “Training”

from The Son And The Moon

A blog about parenting, expat living, and all things honest, heartfelt and beautiful by a young(ish) English expat in Dubai.



from The Reluctant Warrior

An insight into the world of a mum heading up the troops in the war against Cystic Fibosis.


I want to wake up from this nightmare

from Talking For Good

The first step in helping myself to become who I need to be. Soon to be single parent of two wonderful children, stepping into the unknown.


Mum + Baby Bundle Giveaway!

from The Blush & Baby

A useful blog filled with posts from a young mum in London! Covering everything from health and fitness, to reviews, experiences and more!


My birth story

from The scenic route to sanity

An honest blog about raising a young family, a pre teen and a toddler with ASD.


Controlled Crying

from The Youngish Mum

Adventures of a 20-something youth worker/artist and new mum in Glasgow.


Big Pink Link 59

from The Secret Diary of Agent Spitback

Agent Spitback is one mum's dangerously funny mission to survive the most terrifying place on earth – the school playground.


Birth, Death and the Little Bit Inbetween

from The Identity Thieves

Its about finding your identity again once kids arrive - whether it's going back to the old you or, more likely, establishing the new you.


Cruel Intentions?

from The Day My Milk Came In

My blog is an honest, real and (hopefully) funny account of Mumming.

The Business Bakery- Daily Juice

100 Day Goal Journal Magic

from The Business Bakery- Daily Juice

Twitter: @juliabickerstaf

Super-practical tips to help women running handmade, homebased, and boutique businesses use their time productively and make a Healthy Incom