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Best kids' audiobooks for long car journeys

from Travelkids

Travel off the beaten track (most of the time!) with 3 kids


The new pro breastfeeding advert from John Lewis: WHAT?

from Three Mama Bears

Life and everything in between by three mama bears, Jade Louise and Roxy who between us have seen a lot of what life can throw at you.


How to conquer your comfort zone and grab your goals

from TheJoyChaser

The Joy Chaser is about finding happiness in the everyday, breaking the habit of negativity and inspiring YOUR journey to joy.


Little Street: The Stuff of Toddler Dreams

from The Identity Thieves

Working out life after kids hijacked it. Recounting ridiculous everyday life with small children


Change of plan

from The Two Week Wait

A typical 30 something. Career, busy life, husband, teenager and a couple of cats. Also struggling to conceieve a much longed for 2nd child

The Fairytale Mum

5 Reasons Why Mums Rock at Motherhood

from The Fairytale Mum

Twitter: @thefairytalemum

A blog for exasperated mummies featuring trusted reviews, tools and parenting inspiration... helping mums live happily ever after.


Wolf Winter by Cecilia Eckback

from Tea and Tales

It's a blog all about books: book reviews, literary guides to places, and lots more bookish stuff.

The Mid Life Crisis of Marcos Branza

Caring Schmering

from The Mid Life Crisis of Marcos Branza

Twitter: @marcosbranza

A shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man rushing headlong into the brick wall of his mid-life crisis. May contain rude words and the occasional shameful reference to tea.


My Crew

from Three and Me

Honesty observations about the mayhem of parenting three young kids: the good, the bad and the very messy.


40 weeks in, 40 weeks out

from Time to be an Adult

Lifestyle blog documenting our travels and changes as we become a family of three - Baby due June 2016!