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The reader of books

The Art of Being a Brilliant Teenager by Andy Cope

from The Reader of Books

Twitter: @mreaderofbooks

A blog about books, mainly books for children and teens, with a side order of rants about my life.


Antibacterial & Natural Household Cleaner Recipe UK – Make Your Own Home Cleani...

from The Homesteading House

UK self sufficience and homesteading blog.


Teenage T1D – 13years in

from theunderstudypancreas

The journey of a family imitating a pancreas since the diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes in our second daughter at the age of seven months.


In Love With…Heavenly Tasty Organics

from The Son And The Moon

A blog about parenting, expat living, and all things honest, heartfelt and beautiful by a young(ish) English expat in Dubai.


Fitness & Slimming World Meals in a Week

from Tastefully Vikkie

Creating exciting, flavoursome and guilt free recipes using all the best ingredients!

The Mother of all...

Ectastic, relieved, proud – son no. 2 has uni offers

from The Mother of all...

Twitter: @NancyMcLardie

A blog about helping two teenage boys to strike out on their own. Advice about subject choices, careers, work experience, exam time and more


Archer, Autism & ASELCC: Update

from Tassiedad

Started in January 2015, is a chronicle of our life together, trying our hand at parenting.


It's the Humidity… (or is it the Hormones?!)

from The Aloha Mummy

Married West Country Mum of Twins aged 10 & new Bubs. Blogging about family life, friendships, fitness, motherhood & children's theatre.


“The exhilarating ripple…”

from That Perfect Heart

Returned emigrant with three girls readjusts to Irish life. Starkly beautiful writing and photos, to explore the sublime and the mundane.


On Reverse Engineering. And Ag Labs and Farmers.

from The Knitting Genie

I blog about crafts, genealogy, feminism and the history of women and textiles.