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Why Love & Hip Hop is a Revolution in Representation

from The Life and Times of Jendella

Musings on life, love, art and everything in between.


The North Face Womens Hedgehog Fastpack Lite II GTX Trail Shoe Review

from They Grow So Quick

Twitter: @Sebsmummy

Blog about bumps, babies and beyond. Features activities, food and reviews.


When you feel like you don't have any friends

from The Mum Reviews

I blog personal stories & reviews about days out, travel, food & restaurants, theatre & other stuff I do while being a mum.


Bottle Feeding Tips.

from The Aspiring Yummy Mummy

First time mum shares stories and tips. Obsessed with cups of tea, chocolate biscuits and seemingly smashing iPhone screens.


Sneaky Veg Flapjacks

from Thoughts From A Woman Loved By Jesus

I am a wife and a mother of two, an actress and artist and a christian. I write about art,life, family & faith,& I write poetry too.


Miss7's 20m of Fight...

from Tales From the Dad Side

Funny and honest tales from a made-to-work Dad of three, wobbling, graying, and laughing his way through parenthood. Armed to the teeth with


Motherhood for Me “It was the Best of times…It was the Worst of Times”

from The Every Mum Movement

A blog and movement empowering Every Mum to take care of their Maternal Mental Health.


Home Thoughts from A Broad.

from The Wrong Kind of Snow

Twitter: @WrongKindOfSnow

An introduction to the trials and tribulations of our family life with special needs,including unnecessary film references.


Review & Giveaway: Dinosaur Number Crunch and What Would She Do Books

from The Breastest News

I'm a Scottish Mummy Blogger who writes about parenting and lifestyle topics, and is passionate about breastfeeding and autism.

The P-Ho Diaries

How To Faux Your Glow With Paul & Joe

from The P-Ho Diaries

Twitter: @p__ho

Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle blog. I blog about my personal adventures in London and lots of fashion tips!