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A Parcel of Patterns

from Sewing at Damgate

All about sewing and knitting. I teach sewing workshops at home and adult education. Gained Highly Commended in Simplicity Blogger Challenge

Secrets Of The Sandpit

10 top tips for High Brow Parents

from Secrets of the Sandpit

Twitter: @judithkingston

What is lurking in the sandpit? Magic childhood moments, or just cat poo?Or both? Come and join me as I watch my children play, learn and turn into bilingual geniuses before my very eyes.


A good coat?

from Sick of my style rut

This forty-something woman is trying to break out of a jumper-and-bootcut-jeans style rut by wearing 50 different outfits in the 50 days 'til Christmas.


3 Simple Rules to Avoid Being a Weinstein

from Stuff My Dog Taught Me

A witty, sometimes heartwarming, usually sarcastic analysis of life's moment viewed through the eyes of a working mom and her dog.


Sometimes as parents we mess up

from Stories About Autism

Telling stories, from a dad's point of view, about what life is like raising two boys with autism


7 Days 7 Photos

from SJ's Bliss

Twitter: @mizsofiamaria

A Christian lifestyle blog documenting my journey into married life and motherhood, also featuring book reviews and wedding planning tips.


Saturdays start with coffee…

from Service Please !

Twitter: @foodrinkserve

The Customer Service experience related to food, drink and service wherever we go, including coffee houses, restaurants and bars, hotels, days out and holidays, if I'm being served I'm critiquing...

Salt and Caramel

10 Tips on How to Love Expat Life

from Salt and Caramel

Twitter: @LynnCSchreiber

Optimistic founder of @jumpmag. To be found wandering around the intersection of social media and parenting.


Uniform can help reduce bullying, say students

from Schoolwear Association Blog

Opinion, research and news about school-specific uniform.