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CV and what fits in the gaps

from PhD, Baby, and Me

Twitter: @nellefant

A blog about finding my way through the beginnings of parenthood and a PhD.

Photo fairytales

Brand New: 'Family' wooden photo blocks

from Photo Fairytales

Twitter: @photofairytales

Life as a working mum: juggling business with home and motherhood (and other circus skills) - hopefully a mixture of interesting, helpful and occasionally amusing tales!


“Things I'm NEVER going to do when I become a parent” – the delusions of someon...

from Pip and Blossom

The Unexpected Mummy Life. Blogging about pregnancy and Mumma life when you didn't expect it.


It's been a while…

from Plum Drops

All about Essential Oils and how they helped me before the birth of my son and how they continue to help after. Every week features new oils


Oh My Blog: The Mothers Day Edition

from porridge and Parenting

Wife, mother, puppy parent, cat owner. I understand why Mother Bears porridge was the one that was cold!

Purplestockings - The Politics of Mothering and Liberating Motherhood

Mother's Day: Remembering Our Mothers, Remembering Ourselves

from Purplestockings - The Politics of Mothering and Liberating Motherhood

Twitter: @VOlorenshaw

I'm a feminist. I've probably got snot on my sleeve. I write about mothers, politics, feminism and neoliberal patriarchal oppression.

Propped up by matchsticks

Does anyone have the phone number for DIY SOS?

from Propped up by matchsticks

Twitter: @Matchstickprop

Taking issue with the phrase 'sleeps like a baby' since February 2014


Alexa Sky Botanicals -Soothed 'N Uplifted Wellness Tea + Giveaway

from Precious Little Worlds

Twitter: @hstaveley24

My blog will bring you the journeys around my family life & products reviews to help sites promote new items .

Penny's Place

The 30 Hours Debate – A Grandmother's View

from Penny's Place Childminding

Twitter: @psw26259

A place where I blog about my childminding practice and comment on childcare issues


Happy Mother's Day

from produced4you

A varied look at life, in verse. Posts vary from ‘It's all fake' the pressure to look perfect, to ‘Mumsnet'! By award-winning writer.