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notes on a spanish valley

A cassoulet of aubergines

from Notes On A Spanish Valley

Living in a secret Spanish valley in the heart of the campo is a daily feast of nature, wildlife and food. I hope you read this blog and grow to love rural Andalucía as much as we do.

Nurturing Mums

Nourish Mama – looking after yourself when you've had a new baby…

from Nurturing Mums blog

Twitter: @nurturingmumsuk

We provide practical tips and advice for new mums, trying to make things that little bit easier and more enjoyable!

No bread is an island


from No Bread Is An Island

Twitter: @PaulYoud

An account of breadmaking adventures, including teaching sessions, recipes, etc. There are also vegan recipes on there.


How They Got Lost with The Golden Compass

from notlefthandedfilmguide

This is a film blog that has comment and reviews. All reviews of new films include a section discussing their suitability for children.

not my year off

Rubbish weather and one more week to go

from Not My Year Off

Twitter: @Notmyyearoff

It all started when I thought maternity leave was a year off work. It wasn't. Learning how to be a mum to a now very active toddler boy!


Podcast #12: Emma Bunton On The Highs And Lows Of Motherhood (MINISODE) - Not...

from Not Another Mummy Blog

Twitter: @iamalisonperry

Random thoughts from a media mum


Inky Thoughts

from Never Enough Time - A Mums Blog

Mumming from my point of view. Covering all sorts from parenting, PND, beauty and lifestyle


Sunderland Illuminations With Tyne & Wear Metro

from newcastle family life

Newcastle based family lifestyle blog about family life as a busy mum of three to a tweenage girl and two babies under two.


Engagement – It's A Two Way Thing

from Not Just The 3 Of Us

An observational/humorous account about us, others & what happens along the way.

New Pencil Case

Enough now? Me Too. Surely we can now see the back of the Harvey Weinsteins

from New Pencil Case

Twitter: @louloudillon

Once a feisty young woman with strong opinions who was invariably right on most things.