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The extra hour when you should be asleep…

from Muddling Along Mummy

Twitter: @muddlingalong

This mother is trying to make sense of a life defined by a husband, two children, two chickens and a full-time job. It's a learning curve she's just about clinging to.


No Excuse is a Good Excuse

from Mumtopia

Twitter: @Mumtopia_UK

Instead of being full of daily gripes and moans, Mumtopia is full of things that are positive, things that work, things that'll make life better. A tall order.

Mum to Teens

Budget 2016, ESA Cuts, PIP and Welfare Cuts

from Mum to Teens

Twitter: @Mum_to_teens

Mum of two teens & a toddler coping with the chaos with honesty.


Mum Flu – the symptoms


Two sisters, both Mums, a blog and some greeting cards. "This might be something that only we find funny, but that's ok"


“I'm just off out for…er…cat food!”

from My Life is a Sitcom

The adventures of a new mum whose life would be too far-fetched for telly.

My Itchy Boy

My (not so) Itchy Boy

from My Itchy Boy

A Mum describes what life is like bringing up a child with eczema and food allergies.

Mummy's to do list

My birth stories: The arrival of Little Miss

from Mummy's to do list

Twitter: @Mumstodolist

Fun-loving working mum trying to get things done. Pondering parenthood, sharing stuff I've found useful & getting things off the to do list!

Small Voices

TedTalk by Dr Jennifer Harman on parental alienation.

from Many Small Voices

Twitter: @ManySmallVoices

A network committed to speaking out about domestic abuse and offering support. Many small voices can make one big voice. We are looking for your stories of abuse to feature on our blog and make many...


A smile, at last!

from Mummy Muddler

Muddling through early parenthood with baby sick on one shoulder, toddler snot on the other, wine in my hand and smile on my face!


This began as a Facebook post…

from Man vs Baby

The battle between an innocent, helpless, wide-eyed creature... and their newborn baby.