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Fathers Day not my cup of tea!

from Modern Dad Pages

I blog about my thoughts, things that happen, food, being a SAHD, a work at home dad,basically anything that comes from staying at home!


Lake Como-Italy

from Mini New Yorker

Twitter: @Mini_New_Yorker

My blog is a lifestyle, travel, food blog, my kidney disease/transplant journey but I will also be blogging my journey to becoming a mum.


Healthy Banana Oat Cake Bars Toddler Approved Recipe ;-)

from My Single Mummy Self

I'm a single mum to a lively & loveable 2 year old. It's emotional, it's exciting, it's hard, it's fun, it's stressful, it's life!


Ramadan Letters - To Help Cope With Loss & Betrayal

from Ms YiY (Ms Yasmin Is Yasmin)

Social entrepreneur in the developing world. I am also Muslim, a single parent and battling my backward family and community.



from manwith6olevelsandatutu

I want to blog because I love writing - gonna write about me! Anxiety, depression, being a Dad, sport, politics, wittiness, Facebook, etc.



from My Random Family Blurb

My blog is a variety of things - my rants, ravings, views, poetry, reviews, family, parenting, baby/toddler, teens, foodies, tips and trips.


Here I go

from Mama Said

A tired account of life as a parent of two - honest, no bullshit.


Sainsbury's Deliciously Free From

from mummybakesdairyfree

Mummybakesdairyfree is a collection of healthy, allergy friendly recipes for my toddler and the whole family.


Happy days

from Mrs Ford's Diary

Diary of a modern Provincial Lady - with teenage children

Mummy, toddlers and tantrums

How to reduce pregnancy belly after 1, 2, 3 or even 4 Years in Easy Steps

from Mummy, toddlers and tantrums

Fun activities to do with your children, life as a parent, and parental advice