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After the early days

from mumboots

What the world needs now is love, and another blog by a thirty-something banging on about her kids (and some other stuff).


Farewell to a barnehage, thanks for the good years

from Midlife Migrant

About country with young kids in my 40s, knowing nobody, almost nothing. Life starts again. Goodbye dear London, hello Norway.



from My Life as a Domestic Technician

There's only so far Facebook can take you. And my posts were being well received for their observational humour. A blog had to be created...

Make a Long Story Short

Let it grow

from Make a Long Story Short

Twitter: @longstorytweet

The grit and glory of two small children in a very small flat, where we're all covered in baked beans or worse.

My Mummy's World

Our Summer Bucket List.

from My Mummy's World

Twitter: @mymummysworld

Parent blog featuring reviews, life as a new mummy. Ocassional weight loss and recipes.


My toddler's an asshole.

from MumPowered

Highlighting the stories of extraordinary mums who are doing motherhood, and more, in a BIG way. Check in each week to be inspired!

Mummy Whisperer

Review of Extreme Self-Care By Cheryl Richardson

from Mummy Whisperer

Twitter: @MummyWhisperer

A blog full of stories, hints and tips, plus questions to get Mums thinking about their lives and families. Lisa is all about the Mum and how important it is for a Mum to enjoy being a Mum, rather...


Lego wedding cake on a budget

from Mummy Memories

Mummy Memories is a parenting lifestyle blog. Owner of two children - one 6 and one 1.


Making the most of the last weeks of the school year

from More Organised

Helping you to make more space for what matters - whether in the nursery, playroom, to-do list or simply to get some "me time"!