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In the Wake of Terrorism: Do We “Let Them Win” By Changing Our Plans?

from Mum's The Word

Twitter: @jaynecrammond

One woman's look at the world, family life, current affairs and anything else that she feels like getting on her soapbox about!

muslim mummy

Review: Learning to Drive with Admiral Young Driver

from Muslim Mummy

Twitter: @muslimmummies

Ramblings of a Muslim Mum about life in general with 2 kids, with a few reviews thrown in.


Tweens, Teens & Beyond #10

from Mother of teenagers

An irreverent account of life as a mother to teenagers with reviews and comment on family and lifestyle matters that interest me.


The Nail Colours I'll Be Reaching for This Summer

from Make Me Up

Twitter: @kiamakemeup

Beauty blog combined with illustrations. You can find reviews, tutorials, advice, latest trends & more!


Dolphin Watching in Lovina

from Mummy on the Run

I blog about motherhood, running marathons and visiting nice places with little people


The Tangle Angel And Tangle Angel Baby - Professional De Tangling Brushes

from Mammafulzo

Twitter: @mammafulzo

I write a beauty, fashion & lifestyle blog featuring many posts from fashion to favourites with lots of fabulous things in between.


Soreen Disney Mini Loaves in Toffee and Chocolate

from Mummy's Little Stars

Twitter: @star100x

Life with two children and all the lovely things that pass us along the way, days out, making and baking, product reviews and day to day life.


Manchester Terrorist Attack

from Mummy was a Secret Drinker

The diary of a high-functioning-alcohol-dependant Mum of 3 as she says farewell to the evil wine witch


Dex // 12 Month Update

from Mummy to Dex

Parenting blog by a new mum providing advice on what has worked for me, from tummy time to naps to fun activities for babies.


Going from SAHM to Working Mum #ModernDayParenting

from MummyShire

Twitter: @mummyshire

Parental musings from a London mummy who relocated to the Oxfordshire country.