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The Daily Poem

from Lovely2CU

Twitter: @oddlyACTIVE

A blog about anything and everything (and quite often nothing in particular) including fiction, poetry, the occasional article and various other scribbles of a would-be writer.


136 Ideas for Rockstar Employee Engagement by James Dodkins: Book Review

from Lady Janey

I write a customer service blog where I encourage sharing of customer service experiences with a view to improving standards in the UK.


CHILDREN'S BOOK REVIEW: Cock-a-Doodle-Poo by Steve Smallman

from Laura's Lovely Blog

Mother. CWP Consultant. Bookworm. Handbag addict. Lover of lovely things.

Lavender and Lime

Guardian Peak, Stellenbosch, South Africa

from Lavender and Lime

Twitter: @tandysinclair

I am a foodie who is passionate about regional and seasonal produce.

Little Hearts, Big Love

Siblings – August 2018

from Little Hearts, Big Love

Twitter: @liquoriceuk

Just me, in my own words - musings of a heart mummy


Fear As A Parent.

from Laura and Amy's Double Trouble Blog

The Trying to Conceive journey of me and my partner Amy, using known donor sperm


Across the Board at Gardeners' World Live

from Life at 139a

homes & interiors, gardens & gardening & days out exploring, some cycling, quite a few snaps, some crafts & many other things I love

Lovely Grey Day

US Mad Wall

from lovelygreyday

My blog charts my fun, rewarding journey through life in an imperfect world that cannot always be classified in black and white terms. It's an eclectic mix of anything that takes my fancy!

Life According to MrsShilts

Freddie // Seven Months Old

from Life According to MrsShilts

Twitter: @mrsshilts

Mama, Wife. I'm currently on maternity leave enjoying baby snuggles, cold cups of coffee and early mornings!


Sealife Bray Lego Adventure Ocean Explorers

from Life With Tiny Humans

Twitter: @lifetinyhumans

Honest accounts of motherhood. Lifestyle, food, style and family adventures.