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Women's March on London

from Just let it all out

I don't do a lot of writing, just a slice every day. Me, getting angry about stuff. Motherhood. Feminism. Employment. Etcetera.


The UK still has important work to do inside the EU

from JohnAllman.UK

Personal opinion blog.


Spilling It

from Jog: A quick Jennifer blog!

Humor for those with little time. I write about things I find interesting and funny, often parenting related.


Back to Budgeting Basics

from Jem on parenting, pets and PHP

Twitter: @jemjabella

This blogger once told the world She'd never become a "mommy blogger" ... then she had a baby. Now she talks about boobs and poo and other inane mummy stuff.

Jen's Place

Chorizo Oven Risotto

from Jen's Place

Twitter: @missjenipenni

Here's a place to find recipes that Jen's tried out on her family, good & bad! Cakes, meals and snacks are tried & tested.


Mince Pie Musings

from J M Moore

I blog about ideas for stories that I get whilst walking. I put pictures up of beautiful scenery and explain how the landscape influences me


Crafts and xmas!

from justjennywren

Twitter: @jennybennyk

All about my knitting business adventure- come and say hi :)


Palmer Report is Not a Credible Source of Information

from Jen's a Little Loopy

All things handmade with an emphasis on crochet, knitting, sewing, and baking.


Independence Day! Part 14

from Jaydymondblog

After 26 years my husband came home to say he doesn't want to be married. It's about the trauma I then went through. Life doesn't stop!