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Nomadi Daddy

Adventure to DADventure

from From Adventure to DADventure

Twitter: @nomadidaddy

I've guided people up mountains and sailed across oceans, but my most exciting adventure has just begun... Fatherhood.


Weigh in 2 – Waterfall…..

from Fat Mum Slim - or 18 to 10 in a year

A journey through eight dress sizes in a year - hopefully!


Scrunchies are the work of Satan

from Freelance Mum

Twitter: @freelancemum

Freelancing and motherhood are like mayonnaise. Sometimes a perfect emulsion. More often a curdled mess.


Bilingual Education in Spain: It's Time To Make A Decision

from Family In Spain

Living, loving and laughing about family life in Spain. No complaining ... but maybe an occasional rant!


Save SYRIA, Save Humanity!

from Fun Life Blog

My blog is about varieties subjects.I like to write about my personal life,technology,human rights,child abuse prevent action,funny stories


Banana Fairy Cakes (cupcakes) - easy all-in-one recipe

from Foodee

A blog that shares recipes for great everyday cooking.


Italian Ice cream: The Culture of Gelato and its Amazing Flavours

from Food Blogs UK

We showcase talented food bloggers from around the world. Food writers, photographers & vloggers can share their recipes, stories & ideas.


How my bum saves the Planet!

from Farewell My Manicure

It's about: Suburban Sustainability, our attempts at Self Sufficiency, DIY, raising chooks & more aiming to educate, entertain & inspire.


6 Of The Best Family Hotels In The World

from Fiveadventurers

Family travel, days out. We love the outdoors and new adventures. Both at home and away!


The 2017 Hope for Accreta Conference in Ohio

from From Hope to Joy

I had a micro preemie at 23 weeks last year and now want to give back and share my experiences with others