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The Best Day of Your Life

from Extraordinary Character

I provide powerful and practical tips for raising children with extraordinary character.


An Idiot's Guide To Parenting: How Babies Actually Work

from Emily-Jane and the Years of Stolen Sleep

One woman. Two babies. No sleep. Confessions of a tired mother's mind.

Erren's Kitchen

Quick & Easy Homemade Cherry Ice Cream

from Erren's Kitchen

Twitter: @https://twitter

Recipes for main meals, desserts, cakes, soups, sauces and more!

Expat Explorers

Scotland - a raw beauty

from Expat Explorers

Twitter: @expatexplorers

This blog started as a diary for her children who have been dragged around the world most of their lives, and now offers independent holiday insights and travel advice for expats, intrepid explorers...

Emma's Little World

Winter Wonderland 2017!!!

from Emma's little world

Twitter: @MeganBenmummy

An online diary and blog about family life. Emma's juggling being a full time mummy to two and part time primary school teacher.

Eleanor Susan


from Eleanor Susan

Twitter: @eleanorsusanx

Vlogger and Blogger from London.


Good luck Job Centre, you're gonna need it…

from EmsyBlog

Twitter: @elphiemcdork

Loony lefty feminist talks about everything that falls out her brain.


Tips on how to revise for English Literature

from Everything English

I blog about English Literature and English Language with tips to help both students and parents.

eat pray bake

Recipe Book: Baking with Bailey Ana

from Eat Pray Bake

Twitter: @Bailey_Ana

A blog about the baker beautiful and her life in general. This blogger's cool, carefree and a mean cake-maker.

Energy Bills

Energy tariffs ending in May 2017

from Energy Bills

Twitter: @Milkman_Energy

The latest news on gas & electricity bills.