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10 Things I said I'd never do when I became a Mum

from Devon Mum

A parent & lifestyle blog, writing about days out, holidays, books, thrift, and toys and activities.

Daddy Burns the Salad

My Daughter is Teh Awesomz!!

from Daddy Burns the Salad

Twitter: @DaddyBurnsSalad

Adventures in parenting by a Dad who is clearly making shit up as he goes along


Wanting to attempt the Volkswagen Amrok Trailblazer Challenge


Twitter: @dadbloguk

Father of two young girls writing about parenting from the dad's perspective. Funny and thought provoking in equal measure, he highlights the gender barriers fathers face.


How To Deal With Covert Narcissist (Or “Victim”) Parents or Inlaws

from Dr. Psych Mom

Parenting, relationships, sex, psychology, and even some reality TV. Written by a clinical psychologist and mom of 3.


My Safe Journey Guide to low-risk road habits

from DannyUK

The random musings of a dad-of-4 living in Essex.


Struggling To Do It All ♥

from Dolly Dowsie


Diary of the Evans-Crittens

Home: Creative Ideas to Update Your Garden

from Diary of the Evans-Crittens

Twitter: @claireyfairey

Fun, family, friendly blog- life, crafts, days out and everything!


A Peachy Year

from Diary of a Little Peach

Parenting tips, product reviews, recipes, stories, and more.


Telltale's Guardians of the Galaxy Episode 1 Impressions

from Daddy Daydream

Blog of a dad with a lot on his mind


Derby Day Chocolate Pecan Pie Cookie Bars

from Dad What 4 Dinner

Family dinner from the dads point of view. Supplying easy healthy recipes for busy families like mine. Love food and creating new recipes