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Calm Down Dear

Why the American Dream is Making You Unhappy

from Calm Down Dear

This feminist blogger's writing clearly and critically about the cuts, the Coalition and what's wrong with the private sector.


so many interesting stories

from Cordelias Cottage

Twitter: @CordeliaEarle

I am a Mother, Wife, Lover, Sister, Daughter. I belong to the Earth and she belongs to me. I write, I photograph, I remember.


Caught Red-Handed!

from Coz Momma says so

“Coz Mamma Says So”! This my dears has been the story of my life – for this entire 14 months! From my clothes to food to even my potty


If you’d like to see our latest pics, take a look at our Instagram or...

from Crafts with Karen

I've been a preschool teacher for 25 years and I love working on craft ideas for little ones that are cheap, easy and creative!


As parents, we hate to see our little ones upset and in pain,...

from Crash course in motherhood

I'm a newlywed 20-something, expecting first bundle of joy in August. Learning as I go along and enjoying the ride


‘Leaving Something for Our Kids…'

from Colour Me Woman

Colour Me Woman


Ruffles and Flounces

from Commonplace Book

Musings on sewing school uniforms from scratch, attempting to make a handmade wardrobe and teaching ante natal classes.



from Chasing dreams and Jelly Beans

Twitter: @KToodles

Musings of a twin mummy trying to control the chaos and reach for the stars.


31 The Venetian Coat

from Clothes Pegs – A Woman's Life in 30 Outfits

A woman's life story through clothes, 1955-2016. From working-class Wolverhampton to Oxford, marriage,feminism,friends and lovers.


4 Tips to Help your Child's Attention skills

from Chatterbabies

Games, activities and ideas to support your child's speech and language development.