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Confessions of a SAHM

Childhood Nutrition and Obesity Prevention with Future Fit Training

from Confessions of a SAHM

Twitter: @rachel_cosahm

Being Mum, Boss, Chef, Maid and Chief Organiser. Lifestyle and parenting blog from a Work at Home Mum of 4.


Like mama used to make.

from coollikemama

A blog about the topsy turvy world of motherhood.


How ‘Balanced Mumma' re-balanced the Wonkey Donkey…

from curlsarah

Nearly 40 something, married, 2.4 children and with a picket fence… kind of. Just returned to work from mat leave no 2. My story and tips


Conceiving Histories at Birkbeck Arts Week

from Conceiving Histories

Using historical research and visual art this blog thinks about the desire for parenthood and pregnancy in the past.


US Science Teaching Union Responds to Reason on Climate with Three Lies

from Climate Lessons

The focus is on drawing attention to and refuting frightening and misleading materials about climate aimed at school children.


Top 4 Free Easter Holiday Activities for Families

from Cahootsy

Twitter: @cahootsy

how to shop smartly. Honest recommendations on baby and toddler products from parents who know.


Act normal and don't forget the publicity

from Christian Darkin

A Writer of children's books blogging about life, kids, food and writing

Serena Trowbridge

Visiting Kilpeck

from Culture and Anarchy

Twitter: @serena_t

Cultural things - the things that makes Serena think. Books, art, history, even TV; these are the things she needs to keep her sane!


Why it's great to go organic

from Custard & Crumble

Custard & Crumble is my personal blog all about life as a new mum, starting a business from home to allow me to work around my family.


So long, and thanks for all the fish

from Compartmentsee

Twitter: @catmar7

Photography and writing on cultural differences, home, relocation, bilingualism and observations of everyday life.