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from BlondPolkaDots

Im over 45 and this is my blog, style, pretty pictures and random musings.


When Life Gets a Little Hectic

from Being Mrs Lynch

A parenting blog written by a first time mummy.


New year, newish me!

from Blackberry Mummy

A blog about being mummy to two small ones and saving money so we can all run away to the countryside.


My Story.

from Bipolar Mummy

Living and loving life as a mummy with Bipolar.

Blethering Boys

One True Talent

from Blethering Boys

Twitter: @Bletheringboys

A parenting blog, focused on family life with my two blethering nonsense-makers. Including craft, cooking and family activities


Kitchen Appliances Make Preparation of Healthy Diet Easy and Enjoyable

from Bachelor Mum

Twitter: @bachelormum

Spirited parenting in a skirt: musings from a single mum who wants to shake the stereotypes and stir success for herself and her child.


This too, shall pass…

from Barely Here Nor There

An exploration of identity through my experiences of migration with my family.


le Tour de France Rice Cake recipe for active children

from Born on the Trails

Eco focused father and his bike, trying to teach a healthy lifestyle to his strong minded toddler, using gentle parenting methods.

Blossom & Co

We have moved! 

from Blossom & Co

Twitter: @blossom_blog

inspirational family and lifestyle blog stemmed from the passion and determination to raise awareness.


Rainbow of emotion

from babyandbard

My daughter is my inspiration, she brightens my every day, and although she's yet unable to talk she already has much to say.