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The Expat Mongrel

from 4 kids, 20 suitcases and a beagle

Twitter: @shamozal

4 kids, 20 suitcases and a beagle is about the geographical schizophrenia that comes with expat life. Career, family, travel, madness.


#NMMHD – New Blog (its been a while)

from #mumlife

Mother, wife, part time worker, two girls, allergy kids #mumlife, the facts.


The First Month at home

from 3 Babies and a Sleepless Lady

A story of spontaneous triplet pregnancy and our move from London back home to Ireland to prepare for them!


Does Homework Work?

from #BadParent

A brutally honest & humorous (at times a little sweary) account of parenthood.


Futility room

from 100 things to do before you're 'Dad'

Becoming a parent, becoming a dad. A personal voyage of preparation, discovery and experience. Sharing real experience of being and becoming a parent. Trying to write what I wanted to read. Findi...


Super easy photo booth

from 2littlefaces

Twitter: @2littlefaces

Rants from a mum with NO-how on raising 2 boys. Trying to make it "something" in photography. Hobby of being disorganised. Secretly hoping s

40 Year Old Domestic Goddess

from 40 Year Old Domestic Goddess

Twitter: @sthurley49

This fortysomething blogger takes a lighthearted look at life, love and kids. Read on for giggles and grumbles...


Why Speechless Is Everything

from 500 Days Of Sarah

My blog focuses on lifestyle, disability, mental health and cruelty free beauty - if I've got an opinion on something, I'll blog about it!


No Mention

from 40again

Twitter: @40again

Follow the adventures of this business owner, wife and mother, who loves food, red wine, chocolate and writing.


Shine a Light Interview: Jennifer Morrison of Turnstyle13

from #beworklifehappy

I blog about things that help us get resourceful and be the person and parent we want to be.