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Jo Sheldrake

Somerset Splendour

from Jo Sheldrake Photography

Twitter: @PhotosJo

I am a mother of three beautiful children, photographer and great supporter of Women in Rural Business! I also love baking which is provides a haven of tranquility.


Constant problems with your kid's teeth? They may have Developmental Defects of...

from Tooth Bunny Blog

Tooth Bunny, created by mum and paediatric dentist, hopes to share practical information about children oral health care from age zero.

Family Matters

December events in Mallorca 2018

from Family Matters

Twitter: @mcleod_vicki

Living, working, learning and growing in Mallorca, Spain.



from Writer in Residence

The trials and tribulations of a stay-at-home writer and mother (hence the 'residence' bit).


How To Train Yourself To Sleep In Noisy Environments

from International School Parent

The magazine for parents with children at international schools.


37 Simple Tips to Save Money This Christmas Without Losing the Gleam

from Money Nuggets

Money Nuggets is a personal finance and career blog for women who want to take charge of their finances, achieve their financial goals and secure their future


Why Does Toddler Sleep Regress? (and what can you do to help?)

from Sarah Ockwell-Smith

Twitter: @thebabyexpert

Blogging about life as a mum to four and work in the birth and baby industry.


Moving on from Miscarriage

from greyeyebrowgirl

Being angry, short & stuck in a macho corporate world. A bit of sexual harassment, gender stereotyping and looking towards a brighter future


Bake Me Happy – Mincemeat recipe – Filo mince pies

from Love Inc

My story of building a business, whilst being a full time Mum to 3 small boys and random creative ideas for interiors.


It's Okay to Make Mistakes!

from GinGin & Roo

Twitter: @Ginginroo

Sometimes funny, sometimes sad, always honest. I write about all aspects of motherhood, raising daughters and living in Cornwall.