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Five New Year Resolutions Every TV Producer Should Make

from Deadlines & Diamonds

Words of wisdom, full-blown rants and unvarnished truth from an experienced TV writer.


A little every day – January 2019

from JustMathsMel

A maths teacher blogging about teaching and the maths education landscape. It gets a little "ranty" for which I apologise in advance


To know how we become properly resilient we must learn from ones who have suffe...

from Talking to teenagers

Twitter: @TeemMHweekly

A weekly blog discussing teenage issues such as mental health, parenting teenagers, relationships and social media, school and more.


The Department for Education: 2018 in review.

from The Way We Live Now

Twitter: @emmabishton

My thoughts on education, healthcare and other issues of interest - and often on how these things fit (or don't fit) together.


15 Smart Financial Goals to Set for Yourself in 2019

from Money Nuggets

Money Nuggets is a personal finance and career blog for women who want to take charge of their finances, achieve their financial goals and secure their future


Proprioception Problems – Push Against a Wall or Connect with Your Passion?...

from A Healer's Story

Why do some children struggle at school? Could they be Highly Sensitive, Highly Creative, Highly Intuitive, Highly Intelligent . ..or all 4?


Slowing down


A story about coping with life after loss

Chickens in a box

Turning corners

from Chickens in a box

Twitter: @LouisaHoughton2

The trials, tribulations and many other adventures of the Houghton clan.


Review: The Big Book of 100 Outdoor Activities

from Kids of the Wild

Live life outdoors! Adventures & nature, how-to's, ideas, inspiration, resources, cancer, jobs, family. Wildlife-Adventure-Transformation


STEM toys for Birthdays and Christmas

from The Mamma Fairy

Twitter: @mamma_fairy

New to the blogging scene, Dublin based working mum of two boys, a 5 year old mini superhero and a football mad 2 year old