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RachelSwirl- Documenting the day to day of Motherhood

#MySundayPhoto – Landing Back In Reality & Flying For The Future

from RachelSwirl- Documenting the day to day of Motherhood

Twitter: @rachelswirl

Documenting the day to day of Motherhood. A realistic view of parenting.


Great science experiments for kids 4-5 years old


Science Sparks is full of fun, creative and engaging science activity ideas for children of all ages.


What to get a 13 Year Old Girl for her Birthday

from Who's the Mummy?

Twitter: @swhittle

She writes about parenting, activities, education, feminism, sports and everything else - apart from cooking. There's very little cooking on her blog.


Shocking practice – for so-called education

from RossMountneysNotebook

Ross blogs about her occupations: writer, educator, parent and hopes her blog makes homeschooling seem less scary! Read on for tales of older children, learning and home education.

Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty

Sunday Selfie from on top of the Bookshelf & Friendly Fill-Ins

from Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty

Twitter: @mariesymeou

A pet blog about a rescue cat and her writer mum.


My Week in Books – 19th August '18

from What Cathy Read Next

Twitter: @Cathy_A_J

Book reviews of great fiction, author interviews and book recommendations



from Redeemedstories

Twitter: @Loulou_Uberkirk

My thoughts on life, faith and parenthood


Baba Fashionista with Lighthouse

from The Frenchie Mummy

Twitter: @FrenchieMummy

It's all about being a first-time mummy expat. Read our last kids' fashion post and enter our giveaways.

patch of puddles

Hello world!

from Patch of Puddles

Twitter: @Merrilyme

This blogger's home educating three children with craftiness and care. After losing a baby, she's now pregnant again and expecting a rainbow baby.

World Travel Family

Why We Finally Got Rabies Vaccinations for Travel

from World Travel Family

Twitter: @worldtravelfam

Travel, parenting and homeschooling blog. We were based in Australia, now in Twickenham, with 12 months of non-stop family travel in between