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Some pointers that indicate you need to be less productive with more time, not...

from Talking to teenagers

Twitter: @TeemMHweekly

A weekly blog discussing teenage issues such as mental health, parenting teenagers, relationships and social media, school and more.


New Resources

from Life, Love and Literature

Sarah's another mother trying to do it all: work, study, run a home... and home educate her two sons. Read on to find out about their journey through education... without school

My moon-shot - Clare F Hobba Launches Twins for University

Cherry Blossom Against a Blue Sky

from My Moon-Shot - Clare F Hobba Launches Twins for University

Encouraging my twins to apply for university - does that make me a nag or just a VERY active facilitator?


One Piece of Evidence

from Homeschool Atheist Momma

Parenting, Homeschool, secular parenting, parenting. Did I mention Parenting?

melanie spanswick

Weekend Competition! Mindfulness in Music: Notes on Finding Life's Rhythm

from Classical Mel's Music and Education Blog

Twitter: @ClassicalMel

Mel's music blog is about classical music and education. Tune in to hear this pianist and piano teacher discussing music, learning styles, concerts and much more


How to train your dragon notebook and 3 d model making

from Crafty souls together

A home educator of 4, living on a small holding in Wales, a passion for nature and crafting.


Baby Development At 1 Month Old: Charlies Monthly Update

from Sophie's Nursery

A parenting blog that focuses on fun games, activities & crafts that have an educational twist. Mainly aimed at preschool aged kids!


Blog Tour/Guest Post: Tapestry of War by Jane MacKenzie

from What Cathy Read Next

Twitter: @Cathy_A_J

Book reviews of great fiction, author interviews and book recommendations


6 on Saturday: it's all about tulips!

from oldhouseintheshires

I blog about my old house and it's garden. I am a teacher so offer Educational and Parenting advice.


Do you like to read?

from Insight Stories

The space for your insight to happen.