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Special Needs


Downs Side Up

Siblings, Screening and the Sillier Side of Life: Sally Phillips and Hayley...

from Downs Side Up

Twitter: @downssideup

This blogger's hoping to gently change the perception of Down's Syndrome from within hearts.

Tiny Tyger, Baby Bear and Me

Chapter One

from Tiny Tyger, Baby Bear and Me

Twitter: @TygerBearandMe

Life with two cubs, at least one of whom almost certainly has ASD. Anecdotes, rants & humour from a lefty leaning geek.

Tourette Mama - ClickGem

from Tourette Mama

Wife, mother of 2 children, one with Tourette syndrome, Christian and author of contemporary childrens' books dealing with realistic and social issues. Searching for sanity within a world of insanity.


Eithne and Fedelma: ‘Unfinished Business'

from Ali Isaac Story Teller

I blog about my life with my special needs daughter, Carys, who was born with rare Cardiofaciocutanous Syndrome.

Crazy girl in an Aspie world

Do not compose yourself

from Crazy Girl in an Aspie World

Twitter: @thewishatree

A blog about living as an adult woman with aspergers syndrome


Would you change things if you had the chance?

from Upside Mum

A blog about family life, love, kids, adventures, fun and autism.


SPACE Helping Families With Children on the Spectrum

from To Aufinity and Beyond

A journey through Autism Spectrum Disorder and beyond though one mothers eyes.


Unsilencing The Silent Child

from Our Own Journey

2014 my son was born Deaf. He has inspired us to hear and see the world in an amazing new way. My blog is a insight into that journey

Heart Mammi

A little March update

from Heart Mammi

Twitter: @HeartMammi

Nothing prepares you for "I'm sorry there's a problem with your baby's heart" at your 20week scan.


Hello world!

from An Exeter Mum

Twitter: @anextermum

All things local with a bit of craft thrown in. Mum to a boy who is deaf with Charge Syndrome, this blogger also draws on her experience in raising a child with special needs.