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Special Needs



Mariah Carey's IVF and Infertility Struggles

from Infertility Aide

Twitter: @NowFertility

For support & assistance through infertility, to find humour on the darkest of days & to directly connect with infertility experts


Best Selling Nassau Promo Offer

from Liv & Phea

A personal journey through Motherhood, Disability and Mental Health.

Faith Mummy

A Nine Year Old's Letter To Her Disabled Brother

from faithmummy

Life with twins, autism, vision impairment, nf1, global delay, faith and plenty of laughs. They can teach us more than we teach them...

NDCS Campaigns

Liam's vlog – What can you do about the £4 million cuts?

from NDCS Campaigns

Twitter: @NDCS_UK

The National Deaf Children's Society's Policy and Campaigns Team blogging about our work.

One of the Wonders


from One of the Wonders

Reflections on life, and running, with a child diagnosed with atypical Rett Syndrome.


Podcast Episode 4 – Purple Ella

from Stories About Autism

Telling stories, from a dad's point of view, about what life is like raising two boys with autism


The Fakebooking Days

from BrodyMeAndGDD

A mummy and her boy's undiagnosed journey with epilepsy, hypotonia, hypermobility, lots of laughs and no answers


Parent carers: the hidden stress epidemic that no-one is talking about

from Orange This Way

Twitter: @Orangethisway

This blog is about life, different, the same - inspired by my youngest child who is a medical mystery and whose nickname is Orange.


Goodbye for now.

from A blog about raising my autistic son

Sharing thoughts, ideas and funny stories about family life with high functioning autism thrown into the mix.


15th May 2018.

from Extra-Ordinary

Twitter: @kerrytalks

Down's Syndrome, family life and me.