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Special Needs



from From the East End to the Far East

Follow a family as they adapt to expat life in Hong Kong and the challenge of supporting a child with special needs.


from Bubbleboo

Twitter: @bubbleboo

A parenting blog with information about autism, writing, photography and lots more. Which bubble will you step into?


from Doing it all for Aleyna

Twitter: @allforaleyna

This mother blogs about the rather haphazard goings on in her life while she's bringing up her very special, special needs little girl.


from Slugs & Snails

Twitter: @slugsandsnails1

Honest tales and snails from a mummy of two (soon to be three) and a wife of one


from Sensory Sensitive Mummy

Twitter: @sensorysenmummy

My personal journey of acceptance, parenting a child with additional needs and everyday parenting experiences.


from Navigating the Special Educational Needs Minefield

Twitter: @senminefield

Sharing 10yrs+ of experience as a battling SEN parent. Took it all the way this year, representing myself at SENDIST & winning!


from 4adhd

I blog about ADHD and ASD how the disorders Impact lives on a day to day basis. I also talk about coaching strategies and tips on coping.


from Just Bring the Chocolate

Twitter: @Renatabplus3

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. Parenting special needs children- one undiagnosed, one Aspie and their sibling.

School Phobia, School Refusal & Anxieties in Children

from School Phobia, School Refusal & Anxieties in Children

Twitter: @schoolrefusal

Advice to help parents of school refusal children. The website was launched in 2009 and is now well established & successful with blog


from The Resilience Journal

Real stories of parenting children with autism. The nitty gritty, the grief, the joy; from getting the diagnosis to building resilience.