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Special Needs



The System is Down and its Toxic

from possessedpotato

mom to five, other half was diagnosed with aspergers 2 years ago, two of our children are on the spectrum, keeping it real about ASD


The fire's out and we aren't ash…

from Mayhem and Stardust

Therapeutic parenting and home education. Lethal mix or touch of magic?

We Go With Him

Back On the Road

from We Go With Him

Twitter: @autismvox

We Go With Him chronicles our journey caring for, living with and for, and loving our severely autistic teenage son.


TLK2 – Joel is a lion, apparently.

from Lay Down in the Garden

Mum of 4, blogging about life with a child with learning disabilities, autism, an undiagnosed genetic syndrome and the journey to diagnosis.


Site Migrated!

from Salt for my squid

A compendium of the activities, experiences, resources and thoughts relating to supporting my child with delayed speech.



from Woman with baby

Twitter: @womanwithbaby

The fabulous, emotional, chaotic, hilarious life of woman with (now two) toddlers. Chuck in some autism, lots of cake and a dollop of Toy Story and we're done.


This blog has closed

from Chatterblocks

Twitter: @chatterblocks

A blog about parenting a child with Specific Language Impairment (SLI). At least 3% of kids will have this unknown invisible disability.


*New Recipe* One Pot Jamaican Jerk Stew

from Mum On A Mission

A Personal blog that focuses on motherhood and the day-to-day challenges and experiences of modern mothers.

Muddling through: An Aspergers tale

Negative or practical?

from Muddling through: An Aspergers tale

About muddling through family life with a husband/dad newly diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome, three young kids who bring their own triumphs and tribulations and a wife/mum who feels like, often,...


Self taught Aspie Artist Entrepreneur Adult growing with Aspergers Syndrome

from LifeWithASD

All about living life on the Autism Spectrum including our own stories.