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Special Needs



Our afternoon at Loca, Whiltey Bay

from Diary of a cake loving fitness junkie

Lifestyle blogger sharing my stories of living with and conquering depression & anxiety, my passion for fitness, & my daughter with autism


The moment everything changes…

from Born at the Right Time

I am mum to three beautiful boys. My eldest has severe and complex disabilities. My blog gives an open and honest view into our family life.



from A rare kind of normal

My life as a mummy learning to raise our beautiful rare daughter with 3p25 deletion syndrome


Thoughts on the Silent Treatment

from Andy's Escape

The uncensored musings of a special education teacher raising four special needs kids as a single parent.


Quick Tips For Changing Your Bad Habits

from Behaviour Babble

Why do we behave in the way that we do? Use this blog to find out! Topics include: how to teach your child with autism through play.


Girl on the outside

from H2Au: the stuff of our life

A personal story of our family's life with Autism, a rare chromosome disorder and auto immune disease.


Testing Thoughts from BabyHub

from rattleskuttle

I'm an inventor! And I am autistic. And I have children. Read how I turned an idea in my head into a physical product.


Do You Shriek When You're Startled?

from Laugh, Love, Learn

A place to find encouragement, resources and funny stories about living with intensity and sensitivity.



from Gin and Sardines

Notes from a North London Mum. Tales of parenting with a particular focus on life as the parent of a special needs child.


Reasons I Want to Lose Weight

from Blogging Astrid

Twitter: @avwoerkom

A Dutch woman blogs in English. I live with autism, mental illness and other disabilities.