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Special Needs


Deaf Dad

Juliet England: What it's like to be left out on a night out

from The Limping Chicken

Twitter: @charlie_swin

This blogger's writing about being a deaf stay-at-home dad.


Social Media Blast – Pinterest Week – Just Pin It!

from Double the Monkey Business

Fumbling through motherhood with twins. Raising awareness of HELLP Syndrome and pre-eclampsia.

Same difference

New PIP Descriptors For ‘Planning And Following Journeys' From 16 March Will...

from Same Difference

Twitter: @samedifference1

A blog written by a physically disabled 20-something female on disability issues big and small. News, views and information for disabled people, parents and carers.


Friday Focus: DJ party

from Diary of an imperfect Mum.

Autism, parenting and bilingualism. The musings of a mum of s boy on the autistic spectrum.

Ojo's World

Looking forward

from Ojo's World

Twitter: @Ojosworld

A blog about my life with 3 boys, 2 on the autistic spectrum and the other a teenager! Includes all aspects including crafting and cooking


I scream…

from 7yearstodiagnosis

Our battle to get a diagnosis for our chronically ill son & learning how to support as he grows up with food allergies and a rare condition


Fully Accessible Toilets Make Great Business Sense

from Mum On A Mission

Mum on a mission to change the world for her disabled son.


Tiny Tears, Baby Annabell and …ummm Chucky!

from Just Clair

A humorous and heartfelt account of family life with an autistic child


Is it too much to ask, to not have to fight?

from Born at the Right Time

I am mum to three beautiful boys. My eldest has severe and complex disabilities. My blog gives an open and honest view into our family life.