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Mellow Yellow: A Must 2017 Trend

from Voices in My head

Twitter: @DhanyaNsankar

A lifestyle blog focusing on style, travel, culture and pregnancy. My blog aims to promote confidence, style and substance in other women.


Photography Project 365, Week 24

from A Quirky Kook

Twitter: @jodiekins22

This blogger's a wife, writer, mother of four and drinker of gin. Join in.


Dave - Happy Father's Day

from Underneath The Staircase

My motherhood adventure, a parenting and lifestyle blog. True thoughts and feelings from a stay at home mother.


How can they forget Father's Day - They have 2 Dads!!!!!!!!!

from 4 Relative Strangers

A stay at home dad shares his families ups and downs as they come to terms with being a mixed race, gay, adoptive family.


Who ordered this? Who??

from Midlife Dramas in Pyjamas

Twitter: @midlifepyjamas

I'm over 40, in my head I'm 25. I have a husband, two teenagers & a cat. Sometimes I go out in my pyjama top.Follow my funny take on midlife


A handmade fathers day

from Ready Freddie Go

Parenting my wild toddler Freddie whilst cooking baby number two


This Week - 18/06

from Babi a Fi

Reviews, ramblings, and reflections of a first time mum


Sewn: Burda 04/2017-117 Cutout Bias Dress

from Made by Mrs Jones x

Sewing, and other crafts, recipes and family life with teenagers!

PODcast grappling with a box of frogs

Exploring the beach in Tenby, South Wales

from PODcast grappling with a box of frogs

Twitter: @The_Doves

A lifestyle blog focused on parenting and the best places to go in Surrey.

The Airing Cupboard

Raising a tent 

from The Airing Cupboard

Twitter: @suzy_addis

Me, the husbo, the toddler, the dog. Contains unnecessary swearing.