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Why Soreen Makes The Perfect Travel Snack

from Jane's World

Twitter: @janie_duckworth

Welcome to my World filled with family, laughter, cooking, chaos and my love of all things Disney!


Big Shop with Little Helpers

from The Tales of Sonny & Luca

Twitter: @sonnyandluca

This blog's full of the tales of Sonny (2) and Luca (1) with some help from their stay at home dad.


A House Of Mirrors is 99p/99c today!

from Wordster

I blog about writing, family, books and life in general

The pregnancy diaries: Gender Frustration


Twitter: @jadepriscillax


The busy (new) mum's guide to getting ready for work

from Mum in the City

Twitter: @Samantha_Downes

My attempt to navigate working life as a parent and wife- without worrying too much.


The Panic Attack Is Scheduled For Monday

from Mogantosh



The Blur of Newborness

from The Milk Memoirs

Its partly a chronicle of our family life, from the momentus moments (birth, breastfeeding, birthdays, etc) to the small sweet moments. And its part resource for all mom's out there wrt breastfeeding...


MaxFactor lip set review

from Hypno Mama

I blog about motherhood, mental health, beauty, hypnotherapy, dairy free/veggie ideas and stuff I get up to with my kids.


Funny questions kids ask about having babies (and how to answer them!)

from Seeing the Lighter Side

On Seeing the Lighter Side you'll find articles on parenting, the history of parenting and current affairs with a side of satire.


Dear Sir David Attenborough - Please Answer My Child's Bullshit Questions

from The Confusing Diaries of a Puzzled Mummy

A lighthearted blog featuring some of the more humorous but "trying" moments of parenting