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Commit to Better

from Commit to Better

How to increase willpower and self control in adults and children

Best Ever Love Life

from Best Ever Love Life

Twitter: @besteverll

Provides info, advice and deals to help you enjoy your best ever love life - whatever you want it to be.


from Tinky

Raising children's awareness about dementia through a children's short story I have written called "The Forgetful Elephant".

natural balance

from Natural Balance

Twitter: @nat_balance

I am an Eating Psychology Coach, helping people find a happier and healthier relationship with food and body.

Coping with the Big C

from Coping with the Big C

Twitter: @LoveEire4eva

I blog about my experience of bone cancer at 21 and much more.


from Isabelle's HealthNatters

I am a director of a private healthcare clinic in West London and write my blog to inform about new developments in healthcare.

Back Off, Bacteria!

from Back Off, Bacteria!

Twitter: @Make_Safe

Blog of Hyper Hygiene Ltd - committed to promoting effective protection from harmful viruses and bacteria in ordinary everyday life


from Shrink Think

Twitter: @spendelow


from What the IVF

Twitter: @whattheivf

My journey through IVF & now pregnancy.


from Living With Cow's Milk Protein Allergy

Provide information about Cow's Milk Protein Allergy. Dairy free recipes, dairy free supermarket finds and eating out reviews.