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Mish Mash Mum

Moving Home

from Mish Mash Mum

Twitter: @mishmashmum

Blog by a mum of two who fell pregnant just when she'd got her life on track. Then her childminder dropped out and she discovered she had an underactive thyroid. Follow this articulate, thoughtful,...


Number Forty Nine: The Opportunities

from LOST: One Beast Breast

Twitter: @erinnire4

Follow this 31-year-old mother of two and teacher of 30 as she blogs about life with breast cancer.


The Joys of this time of year....

from Hobnobs Mummy

Twitter: @hobnobsmummy

A blog by a cuddly mummy of one toddler who loves clothes, camping and short breaks away.

all about the Bs

The end of the Boobies

from All About The Boobies!

Follow this blogger on her journey dealing with her Mam's breast cancer and she deals with a hyper toddler and breastfeeding a baby girl. Sometimes life feels like it's all about the boobies!


So I got to see a really nice doctor

from From Fog to Blue Sky

Twitter: @Droitwichmummy

Follow this blogger's journey from depression to good health.



from Water Is Not Organic

Twitter: @szdar

The revival of good-quality, organic home-cooked food for all the family.


I shouted at the spuds…

from Wife Of A Goat

A blog about Post Natal Depression detailing life after antidepressants. This is the tale of an experiment, narrated by the guinea pig.

Mission to be a mummy

Day 31

from Mission To Be a Mummy

This 29-year-old is struggling with fertility problems after a prolonged eating disorder for 21 years. This is the story of her attempts to conceive through intrauterine insemination.


Why government is all in it together, but not in the way they say...

from Mamathulu's Musings

Twitter: @Mamathulu

Mamathulu is a mother and cello teacher who has M.E. and blogs about her condition. She considers herself a monster-mother, who sits on the sofa devouring the world and spawning lots of offspring.


Is it just my baby that sounds like a Pterodactyl?

from Cake and Tea Blog

Twitter: @cakeandtealover

This cake-loving mother shares her quest to beat the mummy tummy.