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Looking after our youngest children

from Carolyn Meggitt's Blog

Twitter: @Voyseygirl

A blog by a midwife writing who writes textbooks about issues in child development and health, who's keen on Italian and who loves to travel down the Thames in her little boat Cecilia.


Have Courage

from 05.23am

Sam is 20 years old and suffer with ongoing mental heath issues. His blog is an account of how he feels and how it effects his family. He tells us how mental illness makes young people feel and gives...


Are you part of the Sandwich Generation?

from Fat Kittens

Twitter: @eleanormills

Eleanor Mills was chubby as a child and doesn't want her own kids to suffer the same fate. Her blog aims to share problems, solutions and dilemmas about the issue of kids, food and fat.


What January Needs is Mars Bar Vodka

from Carrots and Kids

Twitter: @carrotsandkids

A mother of five sets out to create more home-grown, homemade offerings for her family.


Another jumper post?? really?...

from The Style Scoliosis Diaries

This blog offers tips to young people wearing a brace, from a 20-something diagnosed with scoliosis when she was 16 who wore a boston brace till 18. Also general talk about life and beauty/fashion...


Take a New Approach To Writing A To-Do List

from Walking The Black Dog

She suffers from depression and finds the best treatment is to do small things each day to nudge herself back to wellness. She has set herself the task of doing 50 little things to reboot her happy...


Birthday Cake

from Sensitive Tum

A blog about a journey so far with her allergic baby. She intends to include meal and finger food ideas that she has come up with.

Frankie Illustrates

Delete, Delete, Delete!

from Frankie Illustrates

Twitter: @Fran_Innis

Frankie's elder daughter has spent the last two years fighting cancer. Now that they are beginning to come out the other side, Frankie's trying to get back into drawing and painting.


STEP TEN in Mentally Preparing to Have Your First Baby: The Importance of Looki...

from Mental Preparation for Having a Baby

This blogger's discussing mental preparation ahead of having your first baby.


How do I deal with my little Van Gogh – Getting Rid of Crayon Stains

from Mummy's Little Notebook

Twitter: @Mummy Talks Vit D @MummysBag

10 months ago her son was diagnosed as being vitamin D deficient. This came with several life threatening complications. October 2011 changed their lives.