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Why do we all seem to love a good struggle?

from The Mental Movement

TMM inspires and supports people to challenge themselves, mentally and physically, in order to grow, find balance and become content.


Mom's Question: Baby Will Only Sleep On Me, What To Do?

from wellbeingkid

A blog for new parents


The Student on Placement – A Student Perspective #physiotalk 20th March 2017

from physiotalk

Supporting the physiotherapy community through social media


Vegetable Beef Stew

from K's Cuisine

Twitter: @kscuisine

For the love of food... Recipes, kitchen tips and everything inbetween

mum in meltdown

Update on my Slimming World- now week 28!

from Mum in Meltdown

Twitter: @muminmeltdown

A blog by a mum of two boys and ex-driving instructor who has become a stay-at-home mum due to her ME. Only a glass of wine and a chocolate bar away from insanity!


We Have Moved – Now Self-Hosted!

from Parenting and PND

Support and encouragement for parents experiencing postnatal mental health issues


Birdwatching, depression and the BBC sofa

from Dippyman

Twitter: @paulbrook76

This blog's sometimes about family life, sometimes about wildlife, but always about PAUL's life. Tune in for a long hard look at depression and what he's learned from battling it.


February Done

from It's Not Always Raining

Twitter: @TwoIfBySea71

Ramblings of a lost mind - single mother of teens, sufferer of ME/CFS, maker of things, servant of cats, owner of dog


Still Here, Still Human

from The Butterfly Mother

Sharing personal experience of postnatal depression to offer hope, help and support to others.


Housing benefit scrapped for 18-21 year olds 

from Mentally Interesting- Secret Life of a Manic Depressive

Blogging about bipolar, impending babydom, mental health and feminism.