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The P-Ho Diaries

Spring Fashion You Can Buy (& Wear) Now

from The P-Ho Diaries

Twitter: @p__ho

Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle blog. I blog about my personal adventures in London and lots of fashion tips!


DIY Cinema Treats on a Budget

from Ramblings of a Crafty Mum

Twitter: @ramblingsofamum

I blog about everything for parenting to fashion, politics to gardening with a focus on my diy projects.

Beauty Swot

Flash Fiction - Smashed

from Beauty Swot

Twitter: @beautyswot

A beauty news and review site. Afternoon tea reviews and a Friday Column where anything goes.


Vegan Choc Chip Scotch Pancakes for Shrove Tuesday

from Tinned Tomatoes

Twitter: @tinnedtoms

Jacqueline's blog is bursting with recipes for children, inspired by the meals she cooks for her son Cooper.


Pork & Garlic Sausage Rolls

from Patisserie Makes Perfect

Watch me attempt to teach myself patisserie. Some succeed, some don't. Learn from my mistakes!


from The Bakehouse Blog

Twitter: @epsombakehouse

Recipes, news, reviews, top tips and more from The Epsom Bakehouse.


Banana Loaf - very easy and delicious

from Foodee

A blog that shares recipes for great everyday cooking.

Bakes, Books & My Boys

Miraclesuit Briefs - lose 10lbs in 10secs

from Bakes, Books & My Boys

Twitter: @ljbarton

A family site for outdoor healthy fun, indoor imaginative fun, reading and the baking in between!


Does sulphur in wine make hangovers worse?! // Helen McGinn

from Knackered Mother's Wine Club

Twitter: @knackeredmutha

Tired and tested: an expert's view on what to drink at the end of a long day


Keralan Chickpeas

from Feeding Time Blog

A food blog that shares recipes, travel and food finds in the area of Maidenhead and beyond.