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Feminism and Politics



Moving on from Miscarriage

from greyeyebrowgirl

Being angry, short & stuck in a macho corporate world. A bit of sexual harassment, gender stereotyping and looking towards a brighter future


Hot Things: November 2018

from Forty is the New Black

Music, fashion, feminism features.


Mermaid boobs and how to check if your Instagram feed empowers women…

from Running Wild

Sharing a passion for nature and wild, free-range children, with a pragmatic approach to being a green family.


from PerksOfBeingLouise

a blog for all things mummyfied. recipes, how to's, guides, giveaways, needs and so much more.


Hate Crime the complete definition – missing!

from bigHvan

Twitter: @bighvan

My blog is focused at the moment on the Scottish Referendum. This is not just a Scottish topic it affects everyone in the UK


Why This Is a Very Scary Time for Young Men

from JohnAllman.UK

Personal opinion blog.

Jump mag

Improve Your Communication Skills

from Jump Mag For Girls

Twitter: @jumpmag

An online magazine for pre-teens. Guaranteed fluff-free.



from The Knitting Genie

I blog about crafts, genealogy, feminism and the history of women and textiles.

Eccentric Seal

Watching Mumsnet, Watching Britains Largest Family

from Eccentric Seal

A working class, socialist mum living in Glasgow writes about her life and draws wider political conclusions where she can.

Dutch Courage

Britain's broken childcare system

from Dutch Courage

Twitter: @kirkegaarding

A blog about books, political issues, sociological observation, psychological exploration, comedy, and soul-baring.