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Feminism and Politics



A Question of Theology

from Quite Irregular

Gender, feminism and culture from a man in shabby corduroys.


You Haven't Got Autism.

from Momma Boss

Pregnancy diary that became a blog about my baby's development and also discussing parenting politics.


Facebook Parenting Groups, What A Wild Ride

from HandbagMafia

A collection of thoughts, opinions and musings on parenting, feminism, politics and whatever else tickles my fancy!


*Remembering Past Relationship Mistakes

from Inside Laura's Head

Beauty, politics, and anything thats in my head!


Breastfeeding: I Did It My Way

from Single Mum Speaks

Single mother by choice, blogging my unconventional journey to parenthood and my ongoing attempts to win the Public Badge of Good Motherhood


Discussing the DCMS committee's fake news report on Sky News

from Charlotte Henry - blog of a digital politico

A blog looking at politics, technology, media and, data - and how they all combine.

Down in front, please.

How to create a Tiger Mom without even trying.

from Down in front, please.

Twitter: @downinfrontpls

Raising a child with Down syndrome in the UK, by a Tiger Mama with zero tolerance for labels. Rukai has DS, but it sure hasn't got him.


Things I didn't know before I trained for ministry in the Church of England –...

from Quite Irregular

Gender, feminism and culture from a man in shabby corduroys.


Alfie's inquest?

from JohnAllman.UK

Personal opinion blog.


Why the Education Select Committee got exclusions completely wrong

from The Behaviour Guru

Twitter: @tombennett71

Tom Bennett's weekly report of the state of the media, education and philosophy. And, my friends, it is NOT ALL SUNSHINE AND FLOWERS. From Educating Essex updates, to satire and beyond.