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Feminism and Politics



Discussing InfoWars and Free Speech on the BBC Victoria Derbyshire Programme

from Robert Sharp

Everyone has a right to my opinions

Biscuit Poetry

Think Pink

from Biscuit Poetry

Twitter: @biscuitpoetry

The Biscuit Poets meet every week to drink tea and write a collaborative poem about a different packet of biscuits. They have all had a brain injury. Read their poems - and leave a comment to make...


Hiroshima Day, 2018

from Edinburgh Eye

Twitter: @EyeEdinburgh

Lives in Edinburgh. Two cats. Drinks tea. Also has a gamer girlfriend and a stepdog. He is confrontational and holds strong opinions. You probably won't agree with all of them. You may even agree...

dorky mum

Nutella and Pinot Noir

from DorkyMum

Twitter: @dorkymum

Join Hertfordshire's DorkyMum and DorkySon as she blogs on parenting, photography and politics.

Jeanne de Montbaston: Reading Medieval Books

Anne Lister and a Theology of Naming Lesbians.

from Jeanne de Montbaston: Reading Medieval Books

Twitter: @LucyAllenFWR

Blogging about feminism, women's history, and how the past can help us understand the present.

modern military mother

Romantic Things To Do In Jamaica

from A Modern Military Mother

Twitter: @amodmilitarymum

This mum blogs about her marriage to a military man deployed in Afghanistan and how she copes with being a married singleton.

Living the Dream


from Living the Dream

Twitter: @beyondthepast1

I am a single Mum or two boys just trying to make a difference - I have my debut novel being published on the 23 January 2014.


The last surviving pineapple bag

from Mummy's Daily Telegraph

Twitter: @PhilippaMingins

A current affairs blog written by a journalist turned mummy

Uterus Monologues

Making space for a life

from Uterus Monologues

Twitter: @uterusmonologue

A personal account of recurrent miscarriage, conception, pregnancy and loss.


The year the solitude went away

from Clairevetica

Ex-London mum blogging about life in Zurich