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female lawyer

‘Its time for a public inquiry,' ex prison inspector tells MPs

from Life in Custody

Twitter: @LifeInCustody

A blog by The Justice Gap with all the latest news about representing children and vulnerable people in custody.


Calidore Quartet launch new Signum album ‘Resilience' in London

from Thoroughly Good Blog

Twitter: @thoroughlygood

This blog mixes arts, culture and entertainment with reflections on current affairs, wellbeing and personal development.


So how did I spend Sunday you ask ? Well ok let me tell you.

from Chocolate Is Not The Only Fruit

Twitter: @Swazirodgers

A mum's ramblings about life with her husband, their son and the cat, with political musings thrown into the mix.


My Manifesto: austerity alternative

from Wife of a Wig Wearer

Teacher. Mother of boys. Feminist. Wife of criminal barrister.


How did the Tories end up picking such a manifestly unfit candidate for Mayor...

from Another Angry Voice

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A social activist blog focusing mainly on politics, economics and philosophy, but occasionally drifting odd into history theology and topical news.


Berlin: The House by the Lake


We have spent the last couple of years living in Copenhagen. This blog looks at life here from a journalistic and personal perspective.


Happier times…

from Sadness to Serenity

My mum died by suicide when I was five years old, I have recently started to gain an understanding of her life. This is what I learned.


What is even the point of feminism anymore?

from Renegade Feminist

An anti-neoliberal maternal feminist musing on parenting, politics and the philosophy of life.

wonk life balance

Picture this

from Wonk Life Balance

Twitter: @wonklifebalance

This is the blog of a policy analyst who likes to combine work and family life. Have a read of all things political and cultural and what they say about gender, families and social inequality.

Jump mag

Should Kids be Taught the International Phonetic Alphabet?

from Jump Mag For Girls

Twitter: @jumpmag

An online magazine for pre-teens. Guaranteed fluff-free.