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Feminism and Politics



Life Lessons in Mummy Guilt

from Selfish Mother

A new blogzine aimed at women who have children, but whose interests reach far further. The site is a hotbed for intelligent features.

Same difference

Costs Up, Not Down, In DWP PIP Disaster

from Same Difference

Twitter: @samedifference1

A blog written by a physically disabled 20-something female on disability issues big and small. News, views and information for disabled people, parents and carers.


How to find more time to work, when you're looking after kids

from The Early Hour

Twitter: @theearlyhour

For the early risers


Brexit Wounds

from The Girl with the Edinburgh Tattoo

Twitter: @GirlWithEdinTat

Views, reviews, encouraging words, local matters, bigger issues, all seen from an existential Edinburgh woman's perspective.

Uterus Monologues

Milestones and millstones

from Uterus Monologues

Twitter: @uterusmonologue

A personal account of recurrent miscarriage, conception, pregnancy and loss.


A reality check for anyone who says they feel sorry for Theresa May

from Another Angry Voice

Twitter: @

A social activist blog focusing mainly on politics, economics and philosophy, but occasionally drifting odd into history theology and topical news.

twitmericks profile pic


from Twitmericks

On the birthday of one Edward Lear He came up with a novel idea To report on the news It's limericks he'll use And will aim to do so for a year.


That thorny discussion

from Thoroughly Good Blog

Twitter: @thoroughlygood

This blog mixes arts, culture and entertainment with reflections on current affairs, wellbeing and personal development.


Notes on a Nervous Planet by Matt Haig: Review

from Island Living 365

Island Living 365 is about family, lifestyle and laughs. It is also about taking a pause from our hectic everyday lives!


Remembering good times ‘could reduce teenage depression'

from Sadness to Serenity

My mum died by suicide when I was five years old, I have recently started to gain an understanding of her life. This is what I learned.