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Feminism and Politics



Do you want a good deal out of the Brexit negotiations?

from Another Angry Voice

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A social activist blog focusing mainly on politics, economics and philosophy, but occasionally drifting odd into history theology and topical news.

My Elegant Gathering of White Snow

The final battle in the Wars of Best Parenting:

from My Elegant Gathering of White Snows

Twitter: @TheRealSGM

A FeMNist rant about cultural femicide, misogynistic advertising and nincompoopery.


“rising nightly among the metropolitans”: The Fun and Fascination of Victorian...

from Quite Irregular

Gender, feminism and culture from a man in shabby corduroys.

Talented ladies Club

How the stress of motherhood turned me into a secret drinker

from Talented Ladies Club

Twitter: @talentedladies

We share inspiration, advice and real life experiences for working, business and freelance mums.


10 Things I've Learnt Since Turning 30.

from Our Rach Blogs

Twitter: @Our_Rach

A little bit of everything. Opinions, rants, mental health posts, along with regularly lists of my Top 10s.


‘Let Your Monkey Do It': An Alternative Birth Reading List

from Selfish Mother

A new blogzine aimed at women who have children, but whose interests reach far further. The site is a hotbed for intelligent features.


How I Turned Blogging into an Incredibly Lucrative Career Without Knowing the...

from Single Mum Speaks

Single mother by choice, blogging my unconventional journey to parenthood and my ongoing attempts to win the Public Badge of Good Motherhood

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When You Gotta Go – You Gotta Go!

from Twitmericks

On the birthday of one Edward Lear He came up with a novel idea To report on the news It's limericks he'll use And will aim to do so for a year.


Skeltonics in the closet

from Clairevetica

Ex-London mum blogging about life in Zurich


Dear Readers

from How'd You Like Them Apples?

Homemade jam is a great gift to take when visiting friends and hopefully my blog recipes will make you want to have a go too.