Shocking reactions to baby name announcements

Family surprised by baby name announcement

Choosing a name for your baby is a big deal for any parent. Once you've finally made a decision that you and your partner are happy with, you will no doubt be excited to introduce your baby to the world. Be warned, this announcement might not go quite as you planned. A recent Mumsnet survey found that grandparents are particularly hard to please – and, as these new parents found out, family aren't backwards in coming forwards with their opinions.

“When I told my mum our baby's name, there was a silence – then she said: 'You're joking!' She is now persisting in calling my daughter 'Baby' to avoid saying it.”

Eye roll

“My friend has just had a daughter. She has chosen Alice Elizabeth – a timeless classic name, in my opinion. Her mother's comment: 'Oh. Playing it safe, are you? Well, I suppose someone has to use the boring names so the braver people can use the nicer ones'.”

Stern old woman

“My mother-in-law said she would call my son John, even though his name is Jack.”
My name is not John

“My father hated it because it was a footballer's name – and not from his team.”

“My mum was in hospital about four weeks after my daughter was born. She told someone there the name of her new granddaughter and they just went: 'Urgh'.”
Unimpressed woman

“They said it sounded like a second-rate American crime novelist.”
Hunter S Thompson

“My mum spent the first six months weeks of my baby's life suggesting other names, and saying she'd read online that his given name meant something rude or offensive.”
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“When my grandmother heard my sister had named her baby Heidi, she said it was 'too German' and told my sister she 'might as well just stick a cow bell around her neck'.”
Cow bell

“My parents said 'Keith? Like your pal Big Keith?'. (My son's name is Heath.)”

Heath Ledger

“My mother has refused to learn to say my oldest child's name. She either just points and says 'that one' or calls him a name she has made up. He is 14.”

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“Going through baby name ideas with my husband's grandmother, we said that Holly was on the list. She was outraged: 'You can't call a baby after a plant that isn't even a flower!' But her name was Ivy.”
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“I chose Raphael, told my family and their reaction was NO, partly because it's one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Would a child even mind sharing a name with a crime-fighting turtle?”
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

“As a joke, I told my mother we would be naming our son 'Moggy' for short. After the briefest pause, she told me that it was a lovely name and completely up to us what we decided as a pet name. It's only because I know her very well that I knew she hated it.”

Cute baby with grandmother

“I got a text saying 'we'll still love her regardless of her name'.”
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