Baby name dos and don'ts

Baby names 2012When it comes to baby names, the starting point for many a parent (and many a disagreement between parents) is which names are popular and what names mean.

Beyond that, you enter the baby-naming hinterland where a whole range of factors from the slightly out there (no rhyming, no shortening) to the absurd unusual (will only name a child after a fictional character in a favourite book) come into play.

Anyone posting on the baby names Talk topic will know that Mumsnetters are nothing if not thorough when it comes to the dos and don'ts of choosing a name. Here are just some of the 'hidden extras' you should bear in mind.

No deviation or repetition

  • No alliteration ie Martin Morris is out. No rhyming ie Doris Morris is out. No nicknames on the birth certificate ie Nicola not Nicky and no 'brand names' for child's name! KnitterNotTwitter
  • Nothing made-up sounding. Or really difficult to spell. LuluF
  • The only rule I have so far is that for a girl only one name can end in a 'a' sound and one in an 'ie' sound - so not 'Amy Sophie' or 'lara Flora' as examples. Sal321
  • No names that are clearly from a cultural heritage that we do not belong to (eg no Myfanwy as we are not Welsh; no Mohammed as we are not Muslim). No names of ambiguous gender. eeyore2
  • Recognisable, spellable and pronounceable in both my and husband's native tongues. Psammead
  • Have a nice long name with plenty of nickname potential, so if they hate it there's opportunity for change. Shaz10
  • No ex-boyfriend/girlriend's names and nothing associated with any of the 1,000 odd naughty kids I teach or have taught. Stressheaderic
  • Nothing too Biblical sounding as we're not religious. Atrixo

Family affair

  • No-one in the family to have the same first initial and no names I think of as surnames, eg Morgan, Spencer etc. Bamboo
  • Middle names are for honouring family members. Imarriedafrog
  • No using names of living family members - my daughter has a late family member's name but I would feel weird re-using names. Tidey

Them's the rules

And if you do have an odd baby rule in your family - it seems the odds are pretty high that it's your partner who's insisting on it. 

  • The husband also states nothing pretentious sounding (we have slightly different ideas on what this is though... he reckons the name of anyone I went to school with should be out). MrsC2010
  • My husband's rule is that the total number of syllables in the name has to be a prime number! Florence2511
  • Mustn't be named after one of darling husband's comic book heroes (though Sinister and Dexter were looking like possibles had I had a boy). ShowOfHands

And finally...

Once you've exhausted human connections, you might as well go the whole hog and consider any potential clashes with pet names.

  • Must not be a common dog name/the name of a dog I know And must not rhyme with any of my dogs' names: Maisy being one, which rules out Daisy. Goldrill


Last updated: almost 2 years ago